M o r g a n   w h e e l o c k   I n c o r p o r a t e d

Landscape Architects

Morgan Wheelock Incorporated is a Landscape Architectural firm located in Boston, Massachusetts.  Since 1978 our work has encompassed a broad spectrum of projects including the planning and design of residential estates, corporate and institutional campuses, arboretums and botanical gardens, resort and residential communities, and thoroughbred and equestrian facilities.


We strive to harmoniously balance our client’s aspirations with the inherent contextual landscape and to create a design characterized by timeless understated elegance, offering clarity and renewal. The designs of Morgan Wheelock Incorporated are based upon the belief that human experience is made much more rich by a diverse and intimate contact with the natural world. This is expressed by the following:


- close integration of built forms, including buildings, retaining walls and pavements with the planted forms in which they are placed.


 - careful composition of the varied spaces of a landscape into an ordered and sensible pattern.


 - using a broad planting palette to emphasize the passage of time throughout the seasons of the year.


The strong spatial design allows the forms to be understood quickly on a large scale, while the detailed composition of garden elements and plantings sustains interest at a more intimate scale.


  • Site Selection, Inventory and Analysis
  • Programming
  • Master Planning and Land Use Controls
  • Selection of Architects
  • Architectural/Engineering Design Coordination
  • Site Planning Design and Graphics
  • Site Furniture and Accessories
  • Landscape and Maintenance Programming
  • Project Development Consultation
  • Design Conception
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Post-Implementation Evaluation




About MWI and Our Philosophy