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Landscape Architects


Lanes End Farm

Versallies, KY






Site analysis, master planning, architectural programming and site design for a 1,400 acre thoroughbred horse farm in the heart of the Kentucky bluegrass region strived to accomplish an apparent responsiveness to nature, the needs and health of the horse, and to the exacting demands of the industry. Aesthetics, which bespeak the owner's philosophy as well as the quality of care given the horses, are evident in this landscape composition. A majestic expanse of mature specimen trees marks the existing residence. To this composition we added the requisite farm roads and fences, the primary design palette, which are sited to minimize the number of conflicts between vehicles and horses being led, and to emphasize the gentle curvature of rolling land. The sequence of views as one moves through the site gives and almost exaggerated sense of land form.


Rushy Marsh Farm

Wellington, FL







Rutledge Farm

Middleburg, VA







Located in the Virginia countryside, this 130 acre property combines a historic homestead with a thoroughbred farm operation. Services include master planning for both the horsefarm and the estate, followed by complete design services and construction administration.

Birch Hill Farm

Richmond, MA












Shawnee Farm

Harrodsburg, VA









Master planning services for an existing thoroughbred farm to incorporate new barns, paddocks, and fields, maintenance facilities, and residences. Planting and circulation were designed as an elegant gesture around each barn. The design of the fence lines responds to the topography and respects the natural outcropping of mature trees. Pleasant vistas were identified and enhanced, with the main residence sited to capitalize on these vistas. Objectionable views were screened. Design at the main residence includes an entry court. Garage court, shrub and perennial gardens, rose gardens and a swimming pool.




Equestrian Farm

Calgary, Alberta, Canada