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Landscape Architects

A Womans Garden: Dallas Arboretum

Dallas, TX








As part of the larger Arboretum, the Womans Garden serves to educate the public regarding the value of native plants and the beauty of ornamental plants suitable to the area. The garden is a balance of broad formal grandeur and richly textured human scale elements. It offers garden “rooms” for broad vistas or for quiet contemplation. Regarding context, the garden engages the adjacent lake and appears to pull this major element into its composition at the reflecting pool. In its understated elegance it is “Garden as Art”, which features art pieces within. Most importantly, it is a garden which conveys a deeper symbolic meaning – its inspiration derived from the various qualities of a woman.


Society of the Four Arts – The Philip Hulitar Sculpture Garden

Palm Beach , FL










The Philip Hulitar Sculpture Garden is a 2.2 acre garden, located in the urban heart of Palm Beach.  It serves as a natural oasis in the townscape, providing an outdoor museum for sculpture and performances.

The major anchor for the garden, the entry terrace with an octagonal iris fountain, acts as a stage for the performing arts. From the terrace one has sweeping vistas across open lawns toward planted niches and palm clusters, which embrace various sculptures.  Shade and seating are provided within several pavilions and pergolas.  The sound of water is important in the experience of the garden.  Despite its urban setting and its proximity to two busy streets, the garden has become a place of refuge and contemplation.  It also accommodates large group gatherings, such as sculptural tours, yoga classes and outdoor dining.




Harvard Business School

Cambridge, MA










Morgan Hall, Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration: Complete site design services for major renovation of main administration building and adjoining facilities.  Part of the new addition is underground, requiring a sensitive planting plan in the sunken areaway to serve both as a viewing garden for basement offices and as a clerestory for the sub-basement.

Chapel, Harvard University of Graduate School of Business Administration: Complete site design services for Chapel.  Services included creation of multiple site seating areas for contemplation and social interaction and the screening of adjoining facilities.

Peterson Park, Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration: Complete site design services for renovation of existing pocket park between Morgan Hall and Baker Library.  The design capitalizes on the park’s location at a crossroad in the pedestrian circulation system.  The circulation issues were clarified by establishing a hierarchy of paving materials.  MWI also design a large stone plaza to allow for assemblies and gatherings, detailed with a level of pattern intricacy to retain a personal scale.  The Plaza is also surrounded with a series of comfortable wooden benches to facilitate gatherings.



International Peace Garden and The U.S. Armed Forces Memorial Garden

Caen, France










The design for this 52-acre site in Caen, France creates an appropriate setting for the Musee Memorial De La Bataille de Normandie, a museum commemorating the events leading to the invasion of Allied Forces in 1944. The site is a dramatic one both physically and historically. An impressive cliff, on top of which the Museum is situated, was the location of a German bunker during World War II. The American Memorial Garden is a symbolic metaphor which recalls the loss of young American lives who brought liberty to French soil. The water feature suggests gently embracing hands offering the life force of these soldiers as the ultimate gift from our country to France. The International Garden of Peace on an intermediate plateau provides a series of quiet and contemplative garden niches where visitors may linger after emerging from the Museum’s dramatic and thought-provoking exhibitions. The garden serves as a restful place where one may regain an inner sense of peace and hope.



Scroll & Key Society

New Haven, CT












Located on the grounds of a private society at Yale University, the landscape is inspired by the unique architectural elements of the Richard Morris Hunt- designed building.  Architectural elements are extended into the landscape and accented through paving patterns and plantings. The landscape has a sequence of experiences from the structured, formal entrance, through the formal allee to the informal garden area.




The Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences

Charleston, WV





















Sculpture Garden

London, England








Winfield House in London, England is the official residence of the US Ambassador to the Court of St. James, occupying twelve acres in Regent’s Park. Following tradition of displaying art on this property and as part of the millennium gift of the Friends of Art and Preservation in Embassies, Mrs. Janice Levin’s gift of the .25 acre garden was created to house one sculpture, Nadelman’s ‘Seated Woman with Raised Arm, 1926’. The garden represents two counter directional spirals swirling about a central pool culminating in the plinth arising from the ground plane. While redolent of energy and movement the garden is peaceful, restful; a place of repose and contemplation.


St. Paul's School

Concord, NH