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Landscape Architects

Glenmere Mansion,

Chester, NY






The historic mansion of Glenmere, original designed by architects Carrere and Hastings, prominently sits overlooking Glenmere Lake.  Portions of the original landscape had originally been designed by Beatrix Farrand, Landscape Designer, and the influence of her work there is still felt through the broader site’s gently rolling terrain..  To preserve the residential character, Morgan Wheelock discretely sited parking and service areas away from the main core of the mansion, allowing these highly visible spaces to be reclaimed for garden spaces.  A series of thematic gardens, event terraces, and activity areas were designed to accommodate contemporary uses.  Vibrant materials and forms were sought as a nod to Tuscan architecture.

Costa Smeralda

Sardinia, Italy






Emerald Cove, Jumby Bay and Harbor Bluff Villas

Antigua, West Indies






Master planning and site design for a 120 acre destination resort on the east coast of Antigua. The resort includes a golf course, tennis center, marina, shops, hotel, apartments, and villa lotting. Complete design services for a seven-unit luxury villa grouping and 44 unit condominium project.


Preparation of the definitive master plan for the development of a 25,000- acre resort in northeastern Sardinia.  The master plan sublimates development in deference to the rugged and dramatic landscape typical to this region.  While some areas of hillsides will be developed as low-density villas and estates, all hotels, apartments and commercial developments will be concentrated in villages along the cost where the topography permits.  In this way, the drama of the landscape will be further exaggerated and infrastructure development costs will be kept to a reasonable limit.